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Андреас Мориц (Andreas Moritz) являлся одним из ведущих мировых экспертов по интегративной медицине. Он практиковал и преподавал аюрведу, медитацию, йогу, правильное питание, эридологию, шиацу и вибрационную терапию на протяжении более 30 лет.

Андреас имел большой успех со случаями заболеваний на конечных стадиях, когда традиционные методы лечения были тщетными. Во время своих путешествий по всему миру он проводил консультации с главами государств и членов правительств в Европе, Азии и Африке, а также читал лекции на темы здоровья и медицины разума и тела.

Андреас Мориц разработал новые системы лечения и омоложения «Энер-Чи Арт» и «Ионизированные камни», которые помогают восстановить поток жизненной энергии всех органов и систем тела, а также установить баланс нарушенных экосистем на планете.



Мда , что-то  не так со здоровьем у веганов  http://kolobok.us/smiles/standart/dirol.gif 

Столько книг написано этим "великим гуру ", сколько фанатичных последователей ....и такой облом  http://s45.radikal.ru/i108/0903/1b/5a87e9e44792.gif 
А кто-то  живет ни в чем себе не отказывая и преспокойно доживает до 90 лет http://darksity.3bb.ru/uploads/0000/94/45/15520-4.gif



Да, такие новости, конечно, приводят в ступор.
Нашла интересный диалог Андреаса Моритца со своим оппонентом Майклом Хокинсом:

Andreas Moritz is a stupid, dangerous man

Posted on May 24, 2009 by Michael Hawkins

Andreas Moritz is some schmuck offering horrific medical advice about cancer. I’ve never heard so many wrong things about science outside the realm of creationism.

What makes 50% of the American population so prone to developing cancer, when the other half has no risk at all? Blaming the genes for that is but an excuse to cover up ignorance of the real causes. Besides, any good genetic researcher would tell you that such a belief is void of any logic and outright unscientific (as explained in the book).

Crackpot. He may want to define “good” in his description of genetic researchers. It sounds like he is confusing it with “horrible”. Cancer risk is often identified in three primary ways. In no order, there is environment. A smoker or frequent tanner have higher risk because they have carcinogens entering their bodies at higher rates than other people. Then there is familial history. A person with a history of cancer in the family needs to be more vigilant in seeking regular check-ups. This is based on nothing but genetics. Finally, oncologists specifically look at genes to determine whether or not someone has a high risk. BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes indicate a higher risk of cancer if inherited with mutations. This is common among Ashkenazi Jews. This is basically a repeat of point 2. But it’s good to repeat here because, well, cancer is caused by mutations in genes which cause unregulated cell growth which prevents apoptosis or prevents DNA repair.

Cancer has always been an extremely rare illness, except in industrialized nations during the past 40-50 years. Human genes have not significantly changed for thousands of years. Why would they change so drastically now, and suddenly decide to kill scores of people? The answer to this question is amazingly simple: Damaged or faulty genes do not kill anyone. Cancer does not kill a person afflicted with it! What kills a cancer patient is not the tumor, but the numerous reasons behind cell mutation and tumor growth. These root causes should be the focus of every cancer treatment, yet most oncologists typically ignore them. Constant conflicts, guilt and shame, for example, can easily paralyze the body’s most basic functions, and lead to the growth of a cancerous tumor.

Christ. Cancer really hasn’t been that rare throughout human history, but it is more common today. The reasons, however, are not because people are negative nancies. People live longer, are exposed to more carcinogens, and we just plain detect cancer more often than past generations could.

Copying errors are at root here. Moritz is claiming something which is bogus and unevidenced. He is saying a huge swath of the population dies because they are guilty. His ‘evidence’ seems to be anecdotal experience and personal perception. This guy is dangerous, if anything.

If cancer deaths were purely related to one’s emotional state, then it follows that people in Japan, France, and the U.S. must be more chipper than the rest of the world. No, it certainly isn’t about the availability of medical treatment. These people are just happy.

Cancer patients typically suffer from lack of self-respect or worthiness, and often have what I call an “unfinished business” in their life. Cancer can actually be a way of revealing the source of such inner conflict. Furthermore, cancer can help them come to terms with such a conflict, and even heal it altogether. The way to take out weeds is to pull them out along with their roots. This is how we must treat cancer; otherwise, it may recur eventually.

So I guess cancer is a good thing now. Quick! We’ve got to tell the hospitals. We need psychiatrists, not oncologists!

Oh, and children who have faulty genes that cause cancer? Nah. They just don’t have any self-respect. That’s common of children, right?


This is amazing. Does Moritz realize that 30% of all cancer deaths are due to smoking (or inhaling second hand smoke)? He must think smokers are negative nancies, too. It’s a good thing they’re getting cancer. Otherwise, they’d never find out what was spiritually wrong. I mean, why do we feel so off-put by the idea of cancer? It’s clearly just a method of discovering out innerselves. Or it’s a horrible disease that is caused by a copying error in one cell which is able, through many complex mechanisms, to replicate without ‘fear’ of death while avoiding the attacks of the immune system. I don’t know. I only have empirical evidence to back up my claims.

P.s. This guy is an awful writer, too.

Update: The comment section has become a bit disoriented since I transferred everything from one blog to another. All comments can be read properly here.

Andreas Moritz, on June 24, 2009 at 11:18 am said:


I can only assume you must have had a really bad day when you lashed out at me with such strong words as stupid, schmuck, crackpot, Christ, and dangerous. For a student of science, your emotion-driven arguments don’t really make you very convincing, but rather reflect your anger and unhappiness that obviously cause you to put down those who have a different opinion about things than you have. My well-intended advice to you is to speak your truth, but say it in a friendly tone. You will find that this will earn you a lot more respect and will also help you being a lot less angry. Your anger doesn’t hurt me, it only hurts you.

With regard to the points you have raised, you obviously passed judgment before you studied the matter at hand. If you had actually read my book, Cancer is Not a Disease, It’s a Survival Mechanism, (and Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation), instead of just an article about it, you would have noticed that my arguments are well supported by scientific evidence. I encourage you to read the book with an open mind and then draw your conclusions.

You said this: “A smoker or frequent tanner have higher risk because they have carcinogens entering their bodies at higher rates than other people. Then there is familial history. A person with a history of cancer in the family needs to be more vigilant in seeking regular check-ups. This is based on nothing but genetics.”
You may not be aware of the numerous studies that clearly show most cancers are preventable and, thus, have nothing to do with genetics. For example, new research conducted at the Creighton University School of Medicine in Nebraska has revealed that supplementing with vitamin D and calcium can reduce your risk of cancer by an astonishing 77 percent. This includes breast cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer and other forms of cancer. This research provides strong new evidence that vitamin D is the single most effective medicine against cancer, far outpacing the benefits of any cancer drug known to modern science.

Mind you, over 85% of Americans are now vitamin D deficient. To blame genes or familial history for causing cancer, instead of lack of sun exposure which is needed to make vitamin D, or poor diet, smoking, lifestyle, lack of sleep, is therefore unsubstantiated and outright misleading. A recent study (Feb 2009) by the National Institute of Cancer on 550,000 subjects has shown that heavy meat consumption increases the risk of dying form all causes, including cancer, by 20%. How many people are heavy meat eaters in this country? If you do the math you will find that genes are very little impact in cancer statistics, compared with other causes. What people “inherit” are a poor diet and detrimental lifestyle, not just genes.

Trans fatty acids alone cause numerous cancers. Vaccines contain large amounts of carcinogens, such as formaldehyde. Most pesticides are carcinogens, too. Medications oftne suppress the immune system, which is another leading causeo f cancer. Radaition from mammograms and CAT scans are now responsible for 50% of all cancers, killing 3 million people world wide, as documented by the World Health Organization. One mammogram equals a mimumum of 400 chest x-Rays. And there are now studies to prove wireless devices, sucha as clel phone, cause DNA damage. Radiation is a leading cuase of cancer. Genes have nothing to do with that either, except x-rays damage genes and cause them mutate. These are clearly environmental factors.

The cell environment that accumulates the toxic waste from the environment becomes a cess pool of toxins in which normal cell activity becomes impossible. Environment has everything to do with cancer. Genetic mutation is a response to, not a cause of, cell damage. Again, if you read the book, you would be aware of the vast body of scientific research that supports all the arguments I have made.

I am sorry for the people you have put off by your accusations, and thus prevented to find a better way the heal their cancers than what is currently offered by conventional medicine. But I also feel sorry for you because what you have done makes you an even more angry person than you were before.

I certainly wish you well on your path of self discovery. If you ever get to as many cancer patients in your life as I have (close to 8,000), you will find a lot more compassion, humility, and love in your heart than you are now. I encourage you to go this route, it’s truly worthy. When I was your age, I was fanatical, too, and I thought I knew it all. It’s easy to judge others, and not so easy to see their potential. Dealing with terminally ill people for 37 years changes you, I can attest to that. I was terminally ill myself when I was 12, and I died three times in this life. You get a different perspective about life when you go through that. I wouldn’t wish this unto you, but if it happens, it will be good for you.

You have a strong mind, and you are a smart man. Combine this with an open heart, and you will go a long away. By keeping you heart closed, you will be very lonely, sad and angry.

Be well!
Andreas Moritz

Michael Hawkins, on June 24, 2009 at 11:07 pm said:
I think there’s a misunderstanding. This addresses your first six paragraphs:

We both seem to agree that cancer is caused by environmental effects. I said this. I also pointed out familial cancers are genetically caused. I’m almost being redundant about that.

You point out a number of carcinogens which lead to cancer. I did not say anything to contradict these known causes. What I said was,

…cancer is caused by mutations in genes which cause unregulated cell growth

In other words, genetic changes are usually found in oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes. These changes lead to cancer.

The way I read your reply, it sounds like you think I’m claiming that these genetic changes are not often caused by outside factors. I’m not claiming that.

I am responding to your claim that cancer is caused by a splattering of emotional issues, such as “guilt and shame”. Furthermore, I’m responding to the fact that you think there is a purpose behind cancer, namely to bring inner conflicts to the surface to be resolved. No. It is a result of mutated cells which replicate uncontrollably. There is no purpose other than the mindless survival of those mutated cells.

If you ever get to as many cancer patients in your life as I have (close to 8,000)

That’s disconcerting.

Andreas Moritz, on June 25, 2009 at 7:16 am said:
Again, if you actually had read my book, and not just a few paragraph from an an article, you would have seen there is plenty of research to show that emotional stress is a huge factor behind cell mutation. There are literally hundreds of studies to prove I am not making it up. Even the simple classical studies of medical students undergoing medical exams, measuring Interleukin 2 and Interferon levels, found that such stress suppresses DNA production of these important drugs, especially when the students felt they performed poorly. Stress leads to an increase in cortisol and unbalanced levels of prolactin, which directly suppresses the immune system. A suppressed immune system has been shown to cause cell mutation. New Russian research shows that emotional states directly influence gene behavior. The German oncologist and Professor of medicine. Dr Hamer, studied 31,000 of his cancer patients and found that their cancers were preceded by emotional conflict or shock, such as a divorce, death in the family, and caused a lesion in a part of the brain that related to the part of the body which developed the tumor. Out of 7,000 of stage 4 terminal patients, 6,000 survived after he helped them heal their emotional conflicts. Stress is still the most powerful and undisputed cause of illness, including heart disease and cancer. How a person responds to conflict and stressful situations determines how severely the cells are impacted. If you took the time to study mind/body medicine, which is no longer outside the realm of science, you may change your mind about the points I have made in my book. It’s easy to call other people dangerous, but as always, when we point the finger at someone else, another finger points back at you. Good advice from an older man who has seen much in his life: When you are angry at someone else, you have the same issues, you just cannot see them in yourself. Your anger and frustration may be triggered by someone else, but it’s never about them. So learn from your anger and you will feel much better because of it.

Michael Hawkins, on June 26, 2009 at 12:39 am said:
Given that you wrote that article – and with length – I find it hard for you to fault me for taking cues from it. However, you can feel free to send me your book if you want me to read it so badly.

Andreas Moritz, on June 26, 2009 at 7:56 am said:

An article can hardly cover the contents of a book that has 260 pages. I am not finding fault for you raising questions about valid points, provided you have researched and investigated the subject matter at hand. It is another matter entirely to call someone who has dedicated his entire life to help others regain their health a stupid and dangerous man without knowing anything about him or his work.

It is not my job to persuade anyone. I am certainly not trying to make you read my book. I provide information to those who are interested in it and I have no problem with those who are not.

I wish you well,

Michael Hawkins, on August 9, 2009 at 1:13 am said:
You claim that oncologists should waste their time focusing on the guilt and shame you claim – without merit – is the root cause of most cancers, especially those in recent years. That is dangerous advice.

Cancer can hit anybody. Having self-respect, a sense of worthiness, a lack of guilt, and little to no shame will not offer any protection against the disease. People with abnormal BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes do not get breast cancer some 80-90% of the time because they coincidentally also have a lot of “inner conflict”.

Michael Hawkins, on August 23, 2009 at 3:49 am said:
Moritz is giving you hack responses sprinkled in pseudo-kindness. It’s all he’s got since his ideas are pure hackery. He isn’t supported by science in any of his conclusions. His “theory” cannot explain the connection between certain carcinogens – especially tobacco smoke – and cancer rates. The reason is clear: the connection is causal. That’s well established. Is Moritz claiming that cigarette smokers have an especially prevalent rate of feeling guilty and shame versus the rest of us? Does he think that if everyone in the world began smoking cigarettes that cancer rates would remain the same? That would have to be the case to support his crackpot ideas.

Andreas Moritz, on August 23, 2009 at 7:33 am said:
If you had made the effort of reading my books instead of just guessing what I wrote, you would have noticed the elaboration on the strong connection between carcinogens, such as formaldehyde, aluminum, and mercury in vaccines, or chemicals in cigarettes, the use of additives in foods, pesticides, etc. etc. and the occurrence of cancer. Your rhetoric questions are irrelevant, because I make no such statements, but to the contrary spend hundreds of pages in my books on such cause-effect relationships. On the other hand, the medical literature is overhelmingly supportive of the claim that 85% of all diseases are caused by stress, which is a purely an emotional response to a perceived threat, one that differs from person to person. The near-constant secretion of stress hormones is an undisputed casue of suppression of the immune system and must be considered in any approach to healing of cancer, which I have included in my book on cancer.

At some stage in your young life you will discover that being unkind to others causes illness, too. I certainly don’t wish this for you.

Be well!

Michael Hawkins, on August 23, 2009 at 7:05 pm said:

If you had made the effort of reading my books instead of just guessing what I wrote

I’m so tired of this whiny little line of yours. I’ve ignored it to this point, but you harp on it so much, it’s impossible for me to not note it: You wrote the article I am citing. You make ridiculous claims.

Your rhetoric questions are irrelevant, because I make no such statements, but to the contrary spend hundreds of pages in my books on such cause-effect relationships.

I’m in shock – not because you’ve said yet another dumb, poorly reasoned thing, but because I’m sitting here wondering if I should write “Hahaha” or not. Whether or not I want to read your whining is the linchpin which stalls this decision.

You’re making the claim that most diseases (not just cancer anymore, wee!) are caused by stress and other silly things the evidence doesn’t support. If that’s true, then it’s up to you to explain the link between carcinogens and cancer. Furthermore, it’s up to you to explain childhood diseases. Do 85% of infants with diseases just have low self-esteem? Do children suffer from tremendous guilt? And how about the connection between countries with good medical care (i.e., not the crap you offer) and good cancer survival rates? If your “theory” is true, then it must just be a big coincidence that people in Japan survive cancer better than people in Algeria (see link above). How else do you explain the facts? Simply declaring that you spend time discussing relationships between carcinogens and cancer does not mean squat, especially when you follow up that statement by saying that 85% of disease is caused by stress. It has to be caused by stress to fit your predetermined conclusion. You’re nothing but a snake oil salesman.

But hell, I’m just an undergraduate (not a “medical intuitive”) tearing apart your patently silly claims. Go over to PZ Myers’ site in case you missed it.

Andreas Moritz, on August 23, 2009 at 8:25 pm said:
I am sorry you didn’t care doing a little research of your won before making before making such unprofessional statements as your last one. Already when I was a student of medicine over 35 years ago, one of the world’s most famous and respected researchers, Dr. Hans Selye, proved that over 85% of all diseases were stress-related. Since then his research was confirmed by dozens of large double blind control studies.

I would not be this silly and embarrass myself to make statements of this kind unless they are based on undisputed evidence. However, I admit I didn’t give you the correct up-to-date percentage; stress now causes actually up to 90% of all diseases. Perhaps the most well-known medical institutions in this country, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, made this statement: “Up to 90 percent of the doctor visits in the USA may be triggered by a stress-related illness.” I know, you prefer to call this “new age hack, lies, and nonsense,” but for your own sake, and not to embarrass yourself any further, you may benefit from learning about psychosomatic illness (since it clearly makes up the vast majority of all diseases).

This article published by USA Today is based on factual research, and may give you some good ideas what stress does to the body (things that every medical student learns at medical school as I can attest to).

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/artic … eight.aspx

If you googled psychosomatic illness, you would find literally thousands of references to medical research about it. For instance, you find that the leading cause of heart disease is happiness rating and job satisfactions; in other words, stress at home and at work. There are now at least 20,000 symptoms of disease linked to stress (out of 44,000 now registered sysmtoms).

Stress is linked to the six leading causes of death – heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide.

This is another good link related to research data on the subejct:

I hope this will change your perspective about the subject, and not be so judgmental the next time, for your own sake.

Wishing you the best of health!


Michael Hawkins, on August 24, 2009 at 2:05 pm said:

I am sorry you didn’t care doing a little research of your won before making before making such unprofessional statements as your last one.

You aren’t a professional. You are on equal footing with creationists, one of the main targets of this blog. Notice the complete lack of respect I give those people. Now go look up my responses to things that people like Steve Jones says. In those instances I want nothing more than to be respectful. And the reason? Because I respect those people. I don’t respect you trying to cash in on seriously ill people. Hell, almost every one of your FAQs is about how people can pay you or how they can buy your books (but never at discount…unless they buy at least 10).

The most I seem to be able to find on you is that you’re a medical intuitive. Where did you get your medical degree? I suspect a man like you would have no problem touting an actual degree if you had one. So where’d you attend school?

Andreas Moritz, on August 24, 2009 at 8:28 pm said:
EDIT by Michael Hawkins: I never edit responses that come on my website (except for the occasional spelling error if I’m feeling generous), but Moritz posted a 9389 word response here. It added up to 17 pages, single-spaced. One gem of a line from it that I happened to read at the end said “All vaccines are poisonous and, as such, act like time bombs that will explode in due time.” That should give everyone an idea of the quackery this man practices. It should also give everyone an idea as to why I can’t leave so much crap up here. No one is going to read it and it takes forever just to scroll through/past it. If Moritz wishes to post it on his own site and put the corresponding link up here, he’s welcome to do that.

Andreas Moritz, on August 24, 2009 at 8:43 pm said:
To MIchael:
On a different note, if you intent to write a response for me to see, you will be wasting your time. Write for your friends. I will no longer subscribe to this post or read what you write. Too many profanities for my taste, just like the title suggests. I still feel sorry that a young person like you is so filled with envy and blinded by rage.

Michael Hawkins, on August 24, 2009 at 10:22 pm said:
Well, good. To all my friends: I only know one of you that responded, but I’m glad we’re all so buddy-buddy. I’ve never felt so close to two complete strangers (four if you count the guy who urged I be nicer and the woman who creatively used the same insult on me that I used in the opening post).

And to all my stranger-friends that come from search engines: I’m so glad this post so often shows up on the first page of results. This goes double for my stranger-friends from Google – I’m number 6 on their list. I’m glad I can help the struggle against anti-science nonsense – especially the nicely packaged kind. Oh, how envious I am of such things!

Michael Hawkins, on August 29, 2009 at 2:48 pm said:
I didn’t save it as I have no intention of reading such nonsense, but if you click his name on his comment responses here, you can get his website and probably contact information.

Beware of anything he tries selling you.

Michael Hawkins, on September 1, 2009 at 1:16 am said:

and have spent a large sum

This is the key to being a successful snake oil salesmen.

Michael Hawkins, on September 1, 2009 at 5:36 pm said:
Well, I never claimed to be well versed in dentistry.

Of course, John had to buy Moritz’s snake oil (book) in order to get had in the first place. He’s wasted his money on faulty advice that has no medical basis.

Вообще, конечно, надо все комменты читать, очень интересно. Все, как на русскоязычных ЗОЖ-ных форумах. :)



Andreas Moritz is dead

Posted on October 28, 2012 by Michael Hawkins

About a week or so ago, Andreas Moritz died. This is posted on his website and Facebook page:

~ Announcement ~

It is with a mixture of profound human sadness and deep spiritual gratitude that we announce to the world that Andreas Moritz has returned to the Realms of Light.

During his all-too-brief stay here on Earth, Andreas touched the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Through his teachings, his books, his art, his personal guidance and inspiration, he helped people throughout the world to restore their health and well-being, and, in so doing, transform their lives.

As his mission here on Earth was nearing completion, he worked passionately to write and complete four more books, and they will be released in the coming months.

As we each deal with this shock and our personal grief surrounding his transition, the greatest gift we can give to Andreas is to send Love and Gratitude to assist him as he continues his Mission from the higher dimensions.

At some point in the future we plan to co-create a global celebration of his life and many blessings to the world.

~ The Ener-Chi Family

His cause of death appears to be unannounced by his family, but various sources on the web say that that information will be released after his funeral. Given that he died at least one week ago, I imagine that means we’ll know soon. I will be interested to see if he had cancer or any other disease he claimed was not disease. If he did, I’ll make a new post about it. Otherwise, I imagine I’ll just update this post.

I’m never happy about the death of a fellow human, and I have no intention of gloating about a single thing here. However, I do lament the fact that there are apparently four more Moritz books due to be released. Just as the world didn’t need his death, it didn’t need any of his work. And now that it does have his death, I wish it would do away with his work. This is a man whose legacy should be carried on solely as a private endeavor by his family, friends, and loved ones.




Steven, on November 2, 2012 at 1:22 pm said:

Andreas Moritz is or was a great man. He helped me so much getting rid of horrible pains I had. Doctors could not help me. Not Andreas is the stupid man, the stupid man is MIchael Hawkins. You have to learn a lot in your life here.
God bless Andreas Moritz. We will never forget you!



Фрашми Спасибо что разместили . http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/artists/just_cuz/JC_ThankYou.gif 
"Гуру" несет пургу,продает книги и вяло отбрехивается
от назойливых критиков его "гениального учения" http://kolobok.us/smiles/rpg/wizard.gif 

Действительно очень похоже на российские ЗОЖ форумы



Я когда-то купил его книгу о печени, чистках и тд. Мне она очень сильно понравилась и я хотел бы прочитать все остальные книги Андреаса Морица.
Очень жаль, что он умер. Жаль, что полностью отказался от пищи животного происхождения. А может быть во всем виновато чрезмерное увлечение голоданием и чистками?! Мы ведь рождены для того, чтобы хорошо питаться, а не голодать и во всем себе отказывать.



Kosmonavt написал(а):

А может быть во всем виновато чрезмерное увлечение голоданием и чистками?!

У меня аналогичное мнение на этот счет. Вижу, что многим чистки помогают, но сама считаю их и голодание более 7 дней экстремальными мерами.



Kosmonavt написал(а):

А может быть во всем виновато чрезмерное увлечение голоданием и чистками?! Мы ведь рождены для того, чтобы хорошо питаться, а не голодать и во всем себе отказывать.

Над  организмом постоянно проводят опыты( чистки,голодовки, диеты "И-го-го")
От этого он в постоянном  стрессе ,начинает идти в разнос  и в какой-то момент включается механизм самоликвидации  http://kolobok.us/smiles/standart/swoon2.gif 
Из всех этих историй лично для  меня вывод один  - фанатизм до добра не доводит.



Kosmonavt написал(а):

Он практиковал и преподавал аюрведу

Аюрведа предполагает молочку, то есть продукт животного происхождения, включающий абсолютно все незаменимые. Следовательно,о фанатизме в питании речь не идет.
Имею опыт множественных чисток, в т.ч. печени - более 20-ти раз. За 2,5 года веганоСЕ - ни единого намека на малейший криз. Явление кризов у других меня просто изумляло!

Да чтоб такое!

anizvkaha' pid='153956' dateline='1351110674 написал(а):
Фрашми' pid='153937' dateline='1351096147 написал(а):

Правый бок периодически беспокоит.

Меня правый бок беспокоил так, что приходилось ходить согнувшись.
Мою печень перемалывало около 6 первых месяцев.

Классический мазохизм!

Оценивать смерть А.Морица с позиции материалиста, мягко говоря, недальновидно. Когда миссия личности завершена, бессмертная Душа принимает адекватное решение о выходе из этой реальности.



Scorpion написал(а):

Классический мазохизм!
            Оценивать смерть А.Морица с позиции материалиста, мягко говоря, недальновидно.

Я вообще никак не оцениваю его смерть. Я даже не знаю, от чего он умер. Что касается чисток и голодания,

Фрашми написал(а):

Вижу, что многим чистки помогают, но сама считаю их и голодание более 7 дней экстремальными мерами.

это мое мнение. Почему я не могу его выразить?



Scorpion написал(а):

Оценивать смерть А.Морица с позиции материалиста, мягко говоря, недальновидно. Когда миссия личности завершена, бессмертная Душа принимает адекватное решение о выходе из этой реальности.

Так отмазать можно любую смерть.
Мое мнение, что очень много гуру-шарлатанов развелось с теориями не подкрепленными даже собственной жизнью .
Ни кто из них и до 100 лет не дожил .



Scorpion написал(а):

Kosmonavt написал(а):
Классический мазохизм!

А какой не классический?



В биографии Андреаса Морица указана дата его рождения - 27 января 1954. С 16-ти лет он стал заниматься йогой, изучать аюрведу и экспериментировать с диетами, чтобы избавиться от различных недугов.


Andreas Moritz (born January 27, 1954) is an author, lecturer and practitioner in the field of Alternative and Integrative Medicine. He is the author of over a dozen books on various subjects pertaining to holistic health and is most well-known for his books The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation and Cancer is not a Disease. His ideas have appeared in USAToday.

Moritz was born in Stuttgart, Germany. He began his career in Europe as an iridologist with special focus on identifying and addressing the root causes of illness. He has also specialized in using fine art as a healing modality. Much of his life's work has been dedicated to understanding and treating the root causes of illness, and helping the body to naturally heal itself.

In the mid-1990s, he began publishing self-help books on alternative medicine and mind/body/spirit integration.
From the age of six, Moritz experienced a number of severe illnesses such as juvenile arthritis, arrhythmia, anemia, abnormally low blood pressure, frequent fainting and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Although his main fields of interest were architecture, music and athletics, most of his time was spent in trying to understand the causes of his own illnesses. As an adolescent, Moritz began studying diet, nutrition and various approaches to natural healing and well-being.

In 1970, Moritz began to practice meditation and Yoga to treat low blood pressure. By age 19, he had alleviated his symptoms through his practice.
After completing his iridology training under his uncle, Dr. Harry Kirchofer, a leading iridology physician and naturopath in Germany, in 1980 Moritz proceeded to study and perform research on mind/body medicine at Maharishi European Research University (MERU) in Switzerland.

In 1981, as part of his training at MERU, Moritz began his studies of Ayurvedic medicine. To learn from some of the worlds' most renowned physicians of Ayurveda, including, Dr. V.M. Dwivedi, Dr. Balraj Maharishi and Dr. Brihaspati Dev Triguna, Moritz traveled to New Delhi, India. From 1982-1983 Moritz introduced heads of state and members of governments in Ethiopia and Kenya to more holistic approaches to health care than were available in these impoverished African countries at the time.

In 1988, Moritz graduated in the Japanese healing art of shiatsu at the British School of Shiatsu in London, England. Later in 1991, he finished his Ayurveda training and qualified as a practitioner of Ayurveda (vaidya) in New Zealand.
Moritz lived on the island of Cyprus from 1985-1998. From there he traveled extensively, lecturing and providing alternative healing modalities to governmental leaders who had fallen seriously ill, including the late Prime Minister of Greece, Andreas Papandreou.

In 1998, Moritz immigrated to Minnesota, in the United States, where he married and began to offer his services to the American people. Since taking up residence in the United States in 1999, Andreas has been involved in developing a new and innovative system of healing -- called Ener-Chi Art™ -- which attempts to target the root cause of chronic illnesses.

Moritz's other books include, Lifting the Veil of Duality - Your Guide to Living without Judgment, It's Time to Come Alive; Heart Disease No More!; Simple Steps to Total Health; Diabetes - No More!; Ending the AIDS Myth; Heal Yourself with Sunlight; Feel Great, Lose Weight; Hear the Whispers- Live your Dream; and the newly released title, Vaccine-nation: Poisoning the Population, One Shot at a Time.



Только что посетил персональный бизнес-сайт Морица, с помощью которого он зарабатывал себе на жизнь, рекламировал книги, семинары и тд.
У него была своя команда, которая после смерти продолжает работать и собирает издать последние четыре книги Морица, над которыми он работал перед смертью.
Самое интересное то, что причина смерти до сих пор не обнародована, и вряд ли о ней напишут на сайте.
Деньги - вот самое важное для наследников, бизнес-партнеров Морица, а правда прибыли не принесет!

Адрес сайта - http://www.ener-chi.com/about-andreas/a … as-moritz/



Ребята, ну что там слышно о причинах столь ранней смерти? Рак? Или инфаркт?
Я скачал одну из книг Морица, сейчас читаю и просвещаюсь... Оказывается, он был противником сыроедения, старался продвигать в массы аюрведу и вегетарианство/веганство.
Всем советую почитать его книги для общего развития, в них много полезной и бесполезной информации, а так же много правды и заблуждений/выдумок.



What killed Andreas Moritz?
Posted on November 3, 2012 by Michael Hawkins
Andreas Moritz, a man who put people in danger by directing them away from real medical treatment, died at least two weeks ago. According to various places on the Interwebs, his cause of death would be released soon after his funeral. However, that doesn’t appear to have been accurate information. There is no information available anywhere on his website to date, and people on his Facebook page are getting upset that quotes by him keep getting posted without anyone saying a single thing about how he died. I suppose there isn’t really a hard timeline when it comes to funerals, but it has always been my experience that they occur within a week of death. Something seems fishy. Just take a look at this tribute on his website:

It is natural for all of us to wonder about the cause of a dear one’s passing. As we know, the soul will find an effective way – an ‘exit strategy,’ if you will – to accomplish its loving, compassionate journey home to the higher realms once our Mission and soul’s work is complete on Earth. Many of us have read about spiritual teachers, including well-known yogis and Masters, who have transcended into the Light in any number of ways. When it is ‘our time,’ the soul will find an outlet to accomplish this transition purpose.

I usually only find myself thinking about topic sentences when someone misuses the concept of them. This is one of those times. It appears as though whoever wrote this tribute thought about addressing questions over Moritz’s cause of death, but quickly changed course. That leads me to the unfortunate conclusion that it is unlikely anyone outside Moritz’s family and friends will ever know what killed him.

But let’s not be coy: I strongly suspect he died of cancer or some other disease he spent decades upon decades campaigning against getting treated properly. If that is the case, then it makes sense that his family and followers wouldn’t want to go public with the cause of death. It isn’t hard to figure out why that is, but I’ll spell it out: If he died of a treatable type of cancer, then everything he worked to do will be undermined. His death would likely be the result of his own negligence and the ineffectiveness of the malarkey he practiced and promoted. Everything people in the sciences have been telling him would be bolstered and his career as a snake oil salesman would be exposed.

Let me emphasize one thing, though: This is only a suspicion of mine. I am not claiming that he died of any particular cause. If it turns out that he was in a car accident, it can’t be said I ever denied that as a possibility. I just simply suspect there is a compelling reason why his people refuse to say anything.

One of the comments below:

Justan Observer, on November 9, 2012 at 12:16 pm said:
All this speculation…..

It doesn’t matter how his body died. There are a myriad of illnesses that even modern medicine has no answers. The whole point to his work is to take responsibility for your own health, and not rely on anyone else to do that for you. He gives options that have been around for 6,000 years or more, but are recently suppressed by big pharma….

Wasn’t too long ago folks drank kerosene for everything from a cold to cancer. This “treatment” is starting to gain some ground in some circles again these days. My grandmother tells me all the time about taking a tablespoon of kerosene with sugar for a cold/flu or whatever else ailed ya. Now, with modern scare tactics in place on these types of things, one cringes at the thought of taking even a drop of these petroleum products. They will tell you it will poison you. They will tell you that it destroys your insides…..yet, when you pick up an MSDS sheet on kerosene, you can drink just over a cup of the stuff before you’ll get sick. I know, i worked with the stuff for years. It’s a hydrocarbon and an oxidizer. The human machine is nothing more than an oxidation machine. There’s more to it than this simple description, but in essence, that’s all it is.

We could get on the topic of MMS (Master Mineral Solution), which is nothing more than activated Sodium Chlorite. This too is an oxidizer, just is oxygen, except it’s more oxidative, which is why it works. Some say it’s the Clorine Dioxide that does the work, but others argue that it’s far too unstable to last much beyond 30 seconds in the stomach environment. The breakdown product, Chlorus Acid, is another possibility, and has some credit. Chlorus Acid is formed in the stomach when the Sodium Chlorite/Chlorine Dioxide hits your HCI. Nothing more than an oxidizer, and yes, I agree it can present oxidative stress on the body if improperly used. I don’t agree with all of Jim Humbles protocols, but I DO have MMS in my fridge….

Once you understand how the body works, which is what the vast majority of the books he wrote explains (information known and recognized on all sides of the fence), you can better understand how to take care of it. You don’t need a ton of fancy degrees and letters after your name to understand how your body works. You just need to listen to your body, as it knows best what it needs. The problem with modern society is we have forgotten how to do this, and pump all these toxins into the system and break it down slowly, whether it’s via diet, lack of exercise, pharmaceutical medications ect…this has caused most of the population to lose track of their innate ability to listen to their own bodies and heal them.

There is a place in this world for ALL forms of medicine. Say I’m in a horrific auto accident, I want a level 1 trauma center with all those fancy machines and specially trained people to save my life. As far as “internal medicine”, I see this branch as the joke. There is absolutely no need for this. All they are good for is treating scraped knees and dispensing toxic poisons in the name of heath. I, myself, was given anti-anxiety medication for a hernia! Can you believe that. And, when I looked up this medication (BuSpar for those who would like to check it out), it clearly states “we do not know the method of action of this drug” right on the page for it! Yea, I’m going to take that…..NOT. You could indeed levy the same claim to herbal remedies I nsuppose, but not very many people have died eating or taking herbs to treat illness. If you did a comparison, say with Kava Kava and Depakote for instance, I know 2 people who suffered liver damage from Kava Kava, both were using far too much. I know about 30 other folks who use this for occasional slumps and they are just fine and it works great according to them. I knew 12 people on Depakote, all who committed suicide. Then we can get into kidney damage from other antidepressants…….liver damage…..cell damage…..ok.

Where do you people think your modern medicine comes from? Where do you think they are finding all these compounds? PLANTS! Only when it can be synthesized can it be termed and sold as a drug. You can’t put a patent on a plant.

As for what killed Andreas, well, perhaps it was people like YOU who killed him. All your negative energies, evil words and being just plain mean to another person who was simply trying to share their point of view. When you believe i homeopathy, it comes with believing in a universal connection to anything and everything around you….the whole every action has an equal and opposite reaction thing.

Andreas is not dead to me. He is still here in spirit. He will always be a part of my life. I’m not as closed minded as you boneheads. I see value in ALL forms of medicine….situational dependent.

Peace and Love.




Спасибо, но же где краткий перевод? От чего он умер?



Никто не знает, на самом деле от чего он умер. Этот пост - лишь предположение автора, что он умер от рака или от какой-то болезни, против которой он пропагандировал свои методы исцеления. У него есть основания так считать, поскольку родственники замалчивают причину смерти, и все говорит о том, что вряд ли анонсируют в будущем. Если бы он погиб в аварии, об этом бы сказали.



Правда рано или поздно всплывет, помнишь историю Чупруна, когда он умер, никто не рассказывал о причине смерти, а потом всплыло - рак печени или кишечника... Уже не помню точно.
Так будет и с Морицом.



Мне тут вспомнился еще один специалист по здоровью и продлению жизни- знаменитый диетолог Мишель Монтиньяк  который умер в 66 лет.Именно он  пытался заставить Европу похудеть и жить долго.Другим обещал, а себе не продлил. Почему? И опять же полная секретность о причинах смерти.



Наркоман и алкоголик У. Берроуз  прожил прожил 83 года! http://darksity.3bb.ru/uploads/0000/94/45/15511-3.gif 
Изобретатель ЛСД Альберт Хофман  прожил 103 года     http://darksity.3bb.ru/uploads/0000/94/45/15517-5.gif 
http://darksity.3bb.ru/uploads/0000/94/45/15512-3.gif  Может всеж  легкие наркотики?

Черчилль говорил что  секрет его долголетия это виски, 5-6 сигар в день и никакой физкультуры.... http://s49.radikal.ru/i124/0904/71/8ee0a75e4ae3.gif   http://i.smiles2k.net/jumping_smiles/woot_jump.gif



Кстати , гуру здорового питания,создатель Гербалайфа  Марк Хьюз умер вааще в 44 года  http://i027.radikal.ru/0904/1e/50334bbdbb62.gif



Совершенно очевидно что главный фактор здоровья и долголетия не на физическом уровне.Человек ставя себя в жесткие рамки ограничений и запретов теряет  комфорт и удовлетворение от жизни и это в конце концов гробит его здоровья несмотря на постоянные чистки и т. п. процедуры.По моему многие искатели все перевернули с ног на голову и совершенно не с той стороны ищут путь к укреплению здоровья и долголетию.



Совершенно не очевидно! Среди долгожителей кого только нет, вредных старичков вполне себе хватает. "Искатели" как правило "ищут", когда уже начались серьезные проблемы. Судить о результатах их "поисков" сложно, никто не знает, чтобы было без их потуг...
Никто не говорит, что мозги не причем. Но рассматривать тушку по отдельности: голова (в широком смысле) - органон, это вряд ли правильно... То, что та же микрофлора влияет на мозги - факт, не зря шизу в какой-то степени кетогенкой правят. Можно и еще насшибать примеров. Но и то, что черепушка влияет, то же без сомнений...  А уж что повлияло на долгожительство того или иного человека вопрос далеко не прямолинейный. Бывает жизнь сплошной стресс, а человек дожил до преклонных лет, а бывает и наоборот, с виду - здоровья вагон, хрясь, в сорок лет... Вроде и не сыроедил, вроде и не злоупотреблял...



finder написал(а):

Совершенно очевидно что главный фактор здоровья и долголетия не на физическом уровне.Человек ставя себя в жесткие рамки ограничений и запретов теряет  комфорт и удовлетворение от жизни и это в конце концов гробит его здоровья несмотря на постоянные чистки и т. п. процедуры.По моему многие искатели все перевернули с ног на голову и совершенно не с той стороны ищут путь к укреплению здоровья и долголетию.

Верно мыслите. Еда вторична. Первична веселая прикольная жизнь. И поменьше заворачиваться всякой ерундой, типа "сегодня съел 2 банана, 3 авокада, 4 мандарина, с туалета не слазил, что я делаю не так?..."



А вот статейка в подтверждение моих слов, что наши мозги вполне себе контролируются изнутри: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/humans-control … 52943.html (гугля в помощь), суть такая: токсоплазмоз вызывает изменение в поведении. А это только маленькая часть нашей тушки. Там симбиоз всяких животин гораздо больше наших "собственных" клеток. Именно сие сообщество влияет на мозги, которые, в свою очередь, влияют на сообщество :)



Ребята, что слышно о причине смерти? Что нибудь уже всплыло? Интересно узнать отчего умер Моритц в столь раннем возрасте.



Да ничего не слышно. Не узнаешь ты ничего об этом никогда.

P.S. Я тут давеча пыталась разузнать в ЗАГСе информацию, от чего умер монотроф Занковский, сыроедивший век назад и написавший книжку. Но, увы, об этом можно узнать, лишь подтвердив родственные отношения!

А раз родственники Андреаса молчат, вовек ты ничего не узнаешь.

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Отличная статья о пропагандируемой чистке - http://artemu238.livejournal.com/29530.html

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