Let's say every human being, without exception, from birth onwards, had absolute perfect physical health, and was physically invulnerable, and had perfect mental health. Every person would be born, and then would never get sick, never get physically-damaged, and once they reached, say 30 years old, stayed exactly like that. They never became tired or exhausted, no matter how much work or effort they expended; and they were invulnerable to physical damage, or had such a fast rate of self-repair and cellular regeneration, that even direct nuclear explosions and artillery strikes would do zero damage to the body. And the same goes for the mental health: No bipolar disorder, schizophrenic disorders, no post traumatic stress, nothing.  And add this: We still had our same basic nature, that did not change in this scenario. In other words, we still have the same moral and other issues to deal with, but, when it comes to physical and mental health, people would be invulnerable. And, to make it more interesting, say with that mental health, everyone had a high-rate of intelligence in the form where every one was as "smart" as an Einstein and everyone could do calculus in their head without missing a beat. That sort of thing. But, the basic nature of man stayed the same. What sort of world would this cause?

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