I had a conversation with a friend recently about this subject. Apparently she lives in a fairly high crime part of town, hears gun shots regularly where she lives and reads about the casualties the next day. She does community work with the youth and knows of many of the kids who get caught up in this drug stuff.  She says that for many of these kids it's just a way of life that they grow up around, and that they aren't bad people, it's just the way they're raised, so to speak they sorta fall into it by inertia and desperation in a sense, since what's the alternative, fast food work for people with a bad education? But still, they are shooting each other up, pointing guns and firing them, and culpability aside, it seems to me a little insane that she would even stay in that area, as the risk of collateral damage from the stray bullet alone would make most people leave, regardless of moral judgement on the perps.  and on a sidenote...what is more evil, a man who steals out of desperation to pay his debts, or a man whose indifference and/or plan creates the setting which causes desperation in the first man? Who are the most evil villains in society?

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